Winter issue out now

For this winter’s issue we have tried to catch up on some of the superb new bereavement books that have come out in recent weeks. If you’re not sure where to start, there’s a guide to finding your own bereavement tribe. And our article from the archives is a superb double from a family therapist.


We’ve compiled a guide to get you through the holidays – and put it right at the back in case you don’t want to know about the holidays.


You’ll also find ideas to help you get promoted, move house, look after your business, improve your fitness, ease winter sniffles, drive more safely, take up more space, soothe your skin, give yourself a nurturing holiday and make sure 2018 is a more gentle year.


You can download it now from our app. Still only £2.99. Still no adverts. I hope you enjoy it.





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