Know your rights to sick pay

Citizen’s Advice issued a statement in February, saying that some employers are tricking their employees out of sick pay.   The most common tactics they see are: The cancelling of shifts after an employee has called in sick, so that it looks as if they weren’t meant to be working and therefore no wages appear to have been lost Reducing hours or wages so that … Continue reading Know your rights to sick pay

What Is Your Impostor Syndrome Trying To Tell You?

Long before I’d heard the words, impostor syndrome, the most successful of my friends told me that every day he expected to be found out and fired from his job.   I held my breath, wondering what he’d done that would result in such a drastic outcome. He frowned, looking as if he was asking himself the same question. He knew he was good at … Continue reading What Is Your Impostor Syndrome Trying To Tell You?

How to bankroll your next move

It might be easier than you think to broaden your horizons. Whether you want to gain a specific vocational qualification or try something just to prove you can, there is a world of free and funded opportunities.   For example, did you know that top universities offer courses online for free? Or that there are countries where the colleges and universities don’t charge tuition fees? … Continue reading How to bankroll your next move

Pace your willpower

One take-away from Dan Ariely’s book, The (Honest) Truth about Dishonesty, is that we make worse decisions when we’re stressed. You knew that already but there’s a scientifically proven reason, which is called ego-depletion.   What you need to know is that if you have to show serious willpower for a task, cut yourself some slack beforehand.   The examples used are around food: to … Continue reading Pace your willpower

What to say to work when you’re struggling

Not all employers are created equal so here is a brief guide to helping them help you and what to do if they just don’t get it.   There are few hard and fast rules about how to treat bereaved employees but ACAS has produced a booklet for employers – but have a read of it yourself too – called Managing Bereavement In The Workplace … Continue reading What to say to work when you’re struggling