What we talk about when we talk about grief

Kids don’t like being called kids but they’ll proudly tell you their precise age. Adults too, prefer to define themselves rather than have a label stuck on them. As an adult and former kid, maybe this is why I’m getting bored of the word grief.   There’s more going on with me than grief and grief too has more going on inside it.   To find … Continue reading What we talk about when we talk about grief

Trauma and the holidays

For advice on how to get through the festive season while coping with a reaction to trauma, I spoke to Dr Claudia Herbert, Director of the Oxford Stress and Trauma Centre.   Much of the guidance on how to look after yourself when you are experiencing a reaction to trauma, talks about avoiding too much stimulation. Don’t push yourself too hard. Don’t force yourself to … Continue reading Trauma and the holidays

How to tell people you’re not crazy without sounding crazy

Dr Mark Goulston is one of America’s leading psychiatrists and the author of many books, including Just Listen. Discover the Secret of Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone. He can tell you what to say in the most challenging or seemingly hopeless of situations.

I asked him about a common predicament for newly widowed people. Continue reading “How to tell people you’re not crazy without sounding crazy”

Getting through the holidays – bonus

The last in our Getting Through the Holidays series is from the excellent people at Mary Ann Evans Hospice and The Warren Bereavement Services. For those of us still dreading the 25th it is a group cheer that says, You can do it! from a lot of people who have been there. And as one of them says, Christmas is only one day. By Saturday … Continue reading Getting through the holidays – bonus