Know your rights to sick pay

Citizen’s Advice issued a statement in February, saying that some employers are tricking their employees out of sick pay.   The most common tactics they see are: The cancelling of shifts after an employee has called in sick, so that it looks as if they weren’t meant to be working and therefore no wages appear to have been lost Reducing hours or wages so that … Continue reading Know your rights to sick pay

How to bankroll your next move

It might be easier than you think to broaden your horizons. Whether you want to gain a specific vocational qualification or try something just to prove you can, there is a world of free and funded opportunities.   For example, did you know that top universities offer courses online for free? Or that there are countries where the colleges and universities don’t charge tuition fees? … Continue reading How to bankroll your next move

A personal finances First Aid kit

At the worst possible time and incredibly unreasonably, you are forced to become an amateur accountant. This is ridiculous but it is happening. Also, it’s going to last for a while. Let’s use it as an opportunity to sort out the basics and prepare for the future.   In our First Aid kit we’re packing essential sources of information, important documents, plans for funds and … Continue reading A personal finances First Aid kit

Estate How-Tos

For small, simple estates, don’t assume you have to pay professionals to do everything for you. There is a lot of information now online.   The best basic, all-rounders are still the official What to do after a death, guides. As systems are different from place to place, you’ll find Northern Ireland’s one on NIDirect, Scotland’s one on the Scottish Government’s website and the one … Continue reading Estate How-Tos

How to complain

Done sensibly, complaining helps you tone up your self-esteem while you help companies manage their reputations.   Why you should complain more   Good companies, like good people, welcome the chance to correct mistakes or make amends   You send a powerful message to yourself that says ‘I can do this’. If you are wronged and say nothing, you are telling yourself that you can’t … Continue reading How to complain