Let’s work together

In tough times our social capital is every bit as important as our financial resources. But it’s a mistake to think of them as separate. There are lots of old and new ways of connecting with others that also boost your bottom line.
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How to bankroll your next move

It might be easier than you think to broaden your horizons. Whether you want to gain a specific vocational qualification or try something just to prove you can, there is a world of free and funded opportunities.   For example, did you know that top universities offer courses online for free? Or that there are countries where the colleges and universities don’t charge tuition fees? … Continue reading How to bankroll your next move

Pace your willpower

One take-away from Dan Ariely’s book, The (Honest) Truth about Dishonesty, is that we make worse decisions when we’re stressed. You knew that already but there’s a scientifically proven reason, which is called ego-depletion.   What you need to know is that if you have to show serious willpower for a task, cut yourself some slack beforehand.   The examples used are around food: to … Continue reading Pace your willpower

How to complain

Done sensibly, complaining helps you tone up your self-esteem while you help companies manage their reputations.   Why you should complain more   Good companies, like good people, welcome the chance to correct mistakes or make amends   You send a powerful message to yourself that says ‘I can do this’. If you are wronged and say nothing, you are telling yourself that you can’t … Continue reading How to complain

25 more ways to improve your day

For when you haven’t had a lighter moment in so long that you’ve forgotten what they are.
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Status Report

Lucie Brownlee is the author of Life After You. A True Story About Love, Loss and Other Disasters
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Thinking about becoming a landlady?

A blonde, doe-eyed woman who used to flirt with all the males in our group. A mum that wanted me to help her daughter with her homework; the daughter asked if she could draw my boyfriend. An elderly woman who used to get so drunk that Bob had to carry her upstairs to her bed.
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Who do I have to send thank you notes to?

You don’t have to send thank you notes to anyone.


It was a tradition in days gone by but currently most people assume you’re busy grieving and they do not expect thanks. A simple spoken thank you when you next see the person is fine.
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