Estate How-Tos

For small, simple estates, don’t assume you have to pay professionals to do everything for you. There is a lot of information now online.   The best basic, all-rounders are still the official What to do after a death, guides. As systems are different from place to place, you’ll find Northern Ireland’s one on NIDirect, Scotland’s one on the Scottish Government’s website and the one … Continue reading Estate How-Tos

How to complain

Done sensibly, complaining helps you tone up your self-esteem while you help companies manage their reputations.   Why you should complain more   Good companies, like good people, welcome the chance to correct mistakes or make amends   You send a powerful message to yourself that says ‘I can do this’. If you are wronged and say nothing, you are telling yourself that you can’t … Continue reading How to complain

Templates to help with writing all those official letters

For problems with debt, housing, refunds, insurance companies or pensions, somewhere there is a letter template to help you find the right words.   The website of the Money Advice Service has a series of letter templates that you can download. These include death notification letters to banks, building societies, mortgage providers and pension providers   There are a surprising amount of letter templates … Continue reading Templates to help with writing all those official letters

Statue holding scales of justice

Where can I get legal advice?

Q&A: Where can I get legal advice? Is an expensive solicitor the only option?   Solicitors may be your best bet for advice on how to take legal action that will involve courts and judges. However, for advice on your rights and how to defend them, there are quite a few options. Where you’re dealing one-to-one with the kinds of expert listed below, they will usually … Continue reading Where can I get legal advice?

Changes to death registration in Scotland

We did an article about this in issue 6. The changes come into force today.   There’s a good story about the changes here on the BBC website (HT to @JohnBirrell600):   And here’s our article:   From Wednesday 13th May, all deaths in Scotland will have to be registered before a burial or cremation can take place.   This change is the latest … Continue reading Changes to death registration in Scotland