Make money from your home

In the new sharing economy, if you have something you’re not using, chances are some clever soul has created a business that links you to potential customers. Always read the small print and check what might affect your insurance. But once you look on these sites you’ll be surprised how many of your neighbours are already using them.   Rent your parking space If you … Continue reading Make money from your home

Q&A: My siblings think my frail mum should move in with me

Q: My brother and sister think my elderly mother should move in with me. Is there any help available as she gets more frail?   A: The first step is to ask yourself if you truly want your mum to move in with you. Better to find an alternative now than go through the stress of it not working and inflicting two moves on your … Continue reading Q&A: My siblings think my frail mum should move in with me

Six quick ways to beat your security fears

Start 2017 by taking action to protect yourself. The free resources below will help you feel more in control of your life.   Your local police force will have crime prevention officers. Phone your local station and they’ll be able to arrange for someone to visit you at home and give you free advice. They’ll be able to tell you how a potential criminal would … Continue reading Six quick ways to beat your security fears

Easier gardening

Before you call the people to come and concrete over your lawn, there are a couple of less drastic alternatives.
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Thinking about becoming a landlady?

A blonde, doe-eyed woman who used to flirt with all the males in our group. A mum that wanted me to help her daughter with her homework; the daughter asked if she could draw my boyfriend. An elderly woman who used to get so drunk that Bob had to carry her upstairs to her bed.
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Housework tips for the weary

Dusting cheats

Arrange your things to minimise dusting. Ornaments on windowsills will need more regular dusting than ones kept in a cabinet. Continue reading “Housework tips for the weary”

Seasonal Security

What we should and shouldn’t be doing during the holiday season, from Alan Haffenden, Crime Prevention Officer, West Sussex Police.     Out and about at Christmas   Thieves love the hustle and bustle of Christmas crowds. The following tips will reduce the stress of shopping for presents this festive season.   Don’t try to get all the presents at once, the more bags you’ve … Continue reading Seasonal Security