A different tree

I was still at primary school when I decided that I didn’t much care for Christmas. This year I see it a bit differently.
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How do you get through the holidays?

We asked the excellent writers featured in our last issue, if they had any advice on getting through the holidays.   Mark Liebenow “We aren’t obligated to be happy during the holidays, and can say “No” to all invitations. Do what nourishes you and ignore the rest.”     Elaine Mansfield “My family and I create a Solstice ritual every year around December 21. We … Continue reading How do you get through the holidays?

Holiday Your Way

If you’re thinking you could do with a holiday but can’t manage under your current circumstances then we might have some ideas to help.
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A widow’s Valentine’s Day

It’s not until next weekend but the adverts are on the television already, so if you’re starting to feel uneasy, here is one widow’s thought on Valentine’s Day.
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Need a hangout?

Imagine being able to tap into a network of people, talking in real time, about the same experiences you’re going through. People who let you unload your feelings and try to answer your questions at any time of the day or night. Online forums for widowed people are out there and growing in number.
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Getting through the holidays – bonus

The last in our Getting Through the Holidays series is from the excellent people at Mary Ann Evans Hospice and The Warren Bereavement Services. For those of us still dreading the 25th it is a group cheer that says, You can do it! from a lot of people who have been there. And as one of them says, Christmas is only one day. By Saturday … Continue reading Getting through the holidays – bonus

Getting through the holidays 6 of 6

Today we’re bringing you the wise words of Deborah Robinson and Ben Bourne of the Family Support Team at St Teresa’s Hospice in Darlington. They have a packed schedule of events you can join in person or over the internet, including their Beer and Carols night tonight, Friday 18th, and Light Up A Life celebrations on Sunday 20th December.   Suggestions for coping with the … Continue reading Getting through the holidays 6 of 6

Getting through the holidays – part 5 of 6

Today’s part of our holidays survival guide is from The Reverend Mark Brackley of Bolton Hospice. On Wednesday you can join in the Hospice’s Christmas Jumper Day or their Light Up A Life Dedication Service. Details of where to send in your jumper pictures or donations are here or just find them and say hello on Facebook.   Making space and trusting yourself   Never … Continue reading Getting through the holidays – part 5 of 6

Seasonal Security

What we should and shouldn’t be doing during the holiday season, from Alan Haffenden, Crime Prevention Officer, West Sussex Police.     Out and about at Christmas   Thieves love the hustle and bustle of Christmas crowds. The following tips will reduce the stress of shopping for presents this festive season.   Don’t try to get all the presents at once, the more bags you’ve … Continue reading Seasonal Security

Getting through the holidays – part 4 of 6

Today’s tips are from Andrea Tett, Bereavement Services Manager at Isabel Hospice. If you’re in Hertfordshire why not go along to one of their Lights of Love events, or you can show your support online through their website.     Five thoughts for getting through the holidays   1. Christmas can be an intensely emotional time for people and we all mourn in different ways … Continue reading Getting through the holidays – part 4 of 6