Book review: The Owl At The Window

Carl Gorham has written a memoir about life with his wife Vikki, her death and how he got through the first year or so of widowhood with their six-year-old daughter.   I listened to the audiobook version, which is read by comedian Alan Davies. It might be my favourite reading of an audiobook. His voice conveys real warmth and copes equally well with the emotionally … Continue reading Book review: The Owl At The Window

Common conditions that share symptoms with grief

The standard advice is that grief is hard on your physical and mental health so feeling awful in the early days is normal. When we ask how long before we can expect to stop feeling awful, we’re told that it’s different for everyone.   There is a world of good intentions in this advice. It’s a reaction against years of bereaved people being expected to … Continue reading Common conditions that share symptoms with grief

What not to do

We all have financial bad habits. Grief can throw us so far off our game that we don’t even see them. These three ways of thinking are common.
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Recent finds on the internet

Our regular round-up of online articles

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Try this

In 1988, psychologist James Pennebaker asked 50 university students to write about either something traumatic or something unimportant, for fifteen to twenty minutes, for four days in a row. Their health and visits to their doctor were measured six weeks after the writing exercise. The researchers found that students who had written about something traumatic, went on to show boosted immune function, lowered blood pressure, … Continue reading Try this

A big week for bereavement phone-ins

Tonight BBC1 will broadcast footballer Rio Ferdinand’s documentary about raising three children after being widowed.   This week bereavement is a talking point on radio shows and in the press. As always, many bereaved people taking part say that what helped them most was hearing from other bereaved people. We couldn’t agree more so we’ve rounded up of some of the good ones that you … Continue reading A big week for bereavement phone-ins

From our confessions section archive

Each issue of the magazine has a confessions section where our contributors say the things they wouldn’t normally admit to in public. We’ve looked through our back issues to bring you these.   “Without having to say a word, my postman understands that right now I don’t want to answer the door. My best friend, after many explanations, doesn’t get it. Right now I like … Continue reading From our confessions section archive