Make it easy on yourself

Make it easy on yourself


Getting the wording right for official letters about tricky situations is difficult at the best of times. At the worst of times it doesn’t bear thinking of. If only you had a personal assistant. Well we’ve found the next best thing. Continue reading “Make it easy on yourself”

Do your analytic friends understand you better than your intuitive friends?

We’ve all experienced the semi-professional port in a storm. That person you barely knew who at the first sign of crisis was suddenly in your life, trying to soothe you like a child. They seemed very much in touch with their own feelings and said they perfectly understood your feelings… and maybe you’re currently screening their calls.   A study by Christine Ma-Kellams of the … Continue reading Do your analytic friends understand you better than your intuitive friends?

25 more ways to meet new people

Part two of our big list of ways to bring more people into your life. From finding people who really get your interests to homeshares, car shares and tracing distant relatives, there are many ways of connecting with people if you’re willing to reach out.   1. Open University is just one of the many distance learning options around today. Type the kind of course … Continue reading 25 more ways to meet new people

25 ways to meet new people

Friendship depends on finding common ground. The best way to find new friends is to pursue anything that interests you, makes you curious or is something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t done yet. It requires action. Do the thing you love doing and you will find others who love doing that thing too. If you’ve found them but they’re not quite you, keep … Continue reading 25 ways to meet new people

Pace your willpower

One take-away from Dan Ariely’s book, The (Honest) Truth about Dishonesty, is that we make worse decisions when we’re stressed. You knew that already but there’s a scientifically proven reason, which is called ego-depletion.   What you need to know is that if you have to show serious willpower for a task, cut yourself some slack beforehand.   The examples used are around food: to … Continue reading Pace your willpower

A word to the not widowed: Sometimes I don’t want to talk about it because…

…because I’m bored of talking about it   …because I’m having a day of it and I might cry and I don’t want to cry   …because I don’t expect you to understand unless you’ve been through it yourself but you’ll want to try to understand and I’ll want to try to appreciate that and we’ll both end up feeling a bit strained and fake … Continue reading A word to the not widowed: Sometimes I don’t want to talk about it because…

A stroppy new me

It’s like a very slow, strange, re-birth. And my first words as I try to get the measure of this new life, turn out to be a series of “No”s.

I’m as surprised as anyone. Really.
Continue reading “A stroppy new me”

How to start a support group

If you live in or near a city or large town, there will probably be at least one or two available to join. Also, some widows’ organisations welcome members who are willing to set up a local branch in their area.

Should you find yourself in a support group free zone, and you don’t want to subscribe to a national organisation, then all you need is a couple of like-minded widows and a regular schedule. Continue reading “How to start a support group”

How to tell people you’re not crazy without sounding crazy

Dr Mark Goulston is one of America’s leading psychiatrists and the author of many books, including Just Listen. Discover the Secret of Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone. He can tell you what to say in the most challenging or seemingly hopeless of situations.

I asked him about a common predicament for newly widowed people. Continue reading “How to tell people you’re not crazy without sounding crazy”