Children and traumatic grief

We don’t necessarily experience a trauma reaction when a loved one dies but we might and if we do, it is important to understand the workings of trauma. One child in a family might have a trauma reaction to the death of their parent while their brother or sister does not. Children’s symptoms of trauma can be confused with misbehaving so it is even more … Continue reading Children and traumatic grief

What we talk about when we talk about grief

Kids don’t like being called kids but they’ll proudly tell you their precise age. Adults too, prefer to define themselves rather than have a label stuck on them. As an adult and former kid, maybe this is why I’m getting bored of the word grief.   There’s more going on with me than grief and grief too has more going on inside it.   To find … Continue reading What we talk about when we talk about grief

Survival energy

When Patsy Rodenburg started teaching young actors, she also worked with prison inmates. Her fellow teachers at the drama school discussed how some actors had presence – the magical quality that makes you notice, connect with and remember someone – and some actors didn’t. Patsy noticed that all the prisoners had presence.   Re-reading Patsy’s book, called Presence, I’m struck by how her lessons – … Continue reading Survival energy