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There’s a link here to an article by Megan Devine, which includes a little ceremony of letting go. Sometimes recognising a feeling or experience in another is what we need to let go of that thing. This January edition of our regular round up includes some very relatable accounts of New Year to help us leave the difficult ones behind.


Moving Forward Into 2017: Four Resolutions If You Are Grieving

By Rhonda O’Neill on Huffington Post

This is a good article about honouring emotions from the author of The Other Side of Complicated Grief


New Year of Grief

By Mark Liebenow on Widower’s Grief

Mark describes a first New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day after the death of a loved one


On New Year’s, Clawing My Way Back

By Megan Devine on Modern Loss

There is a lot going on in this account of a first New Year’s Eve after being widowed


64 New Year’s Resolutions for Grievers

By Litsa on What’s Your Grief?

Like the post above, this one is also from a few years ago but is still relevant and a good reminder to have every year


‘I knew nothing would be the same again’: readers on their partner’s death

By Sarah Marsh in The Guardian

A collection of readers on being widowed


Bereavement leave: Should you work while you’re grieving?

By Anna Collinson at the BBC

This article outlines the current debate around making bereavement leave part of UK law


What Can You Do When You’re Short of Sleep

By Caroline Webb on

If the holidays have upset your body clock, this is a short article on tactics for damage limitation


5 Signs You’re Trying too Hard to Please Everyone

By Amy Morin in Psychology Today

If you’re been trying to please everyone else through the holidays, this short article will get you back on track for looking after you


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