New to digital magazines?

We have two things to say about the why we made a digital magazine, and then a really easy step-by-step guide for how you can get hold of a copy. If you’ve downloaded another app, it’s just like that. If you haven’t, you’ll wonder what took you so long.

So why not a paper magazine? Well, start-up costs was a consideration. But the more we thought about it, the more we thought discretion and convenience were equally important. We don’t always want everyone in the queue in the newsagent or everyone sitting around us to see that we’re reading a magazine for widows and widowers. You can buy and read our magazine without anyone knowing.

And in terms of convenience, if you need to look up something in our jargon buster, directory or one of our articles, it’s much easier if we’re already in your pocket or bag than having to carry a regular-sized paper magazine around with you. And our pages are specially designed to be easy on tired eyes.

How to get from here to reading the magazine.

When you click on one of our Buy now buttons, you’ll be taken to a page on this website that gives you the choice of Apple or Android.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, click the Buy for Apple button. This will take you to the iTunes App Store. It will open on the page where you can buy our magazine.

If you have an Android smartphone, clicking Buy for Android will take you to the Google Play store. It will open on the page where you can buy our magazine.

With Apple or Android you can look at a few preview pages first. You can then download the app for free.

The Widows and Widowers app is the same as any other app. It takes a moment or two to download and then it sits on your device. In Apple it will sit in your Newsstand. In Android it might sit alongside your other apps.

When you open the app, you can then buy the current or any of the back issues. There’s not a lot of breaking news in our magazine so most of the content doesn’t date.

You buy the magazine the same way you buy anything from an app. You do not have to enter bank details. The transaction happens through your iTunes or Google Play account. We are not sent any personal or financial information about you.

We work with a company called pocketmags to help with our distribution. A screen with their name will probably pop up for a second or two when you download.

Once the magazine has downloaded, you don’t have to be connected to wifi or Bluetooth to read it. You can read it whenever your device is switched on. If it’s on your phone, you can keep us in your pocket. If it’s on your tablet, we’re right there, wherever your tablet goes.

We design our pages to be read on small-screened devices. Our text is large and our pages have lots of white space so that they don’t feel crowded. You can pinch and zoom our pages with your fingers to make the words the size that’s easiest for you to read.

To turn the page, you just swipe your finger across the surface of the screen. Our magazine is designed to be read from left to right, like a paper magazine, so you don’t have to scroll up and down.

We offer a six-month subscription. This means that you will get the current issue immediately and the following issue automatically, when it comes out. You do not have to buy a subscription. You can buy any issue individually at any time.

The team here at Widows and Widowers has worked hard to create the thing that we were looking for when we were new widows. The articles we write are sometimes things we once needed to know and struggled to find. Sometimes we write about what we want to learn about right now. And sometimes our writers are just saying, does anybody else feel like this? We hope you’ll find something useful in our pages and if you want to write in, we’d love to hear from you.

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