Make money from your home

In the new sharing economy, if you have something you’re not using, chances are some clever soul has created a business that links you to potential customers. Always read the small print and check what might affect your insurance. But once you look on these sites you’ll be surprised how many of your neighbours are already using them.


Rent your parking space

If you don’t use your driveway or allocated space outside your house, why not rent it to someone? Take a photo of the space and add a few details to describe it and will handle the rest for you.


Rent your garage or spare room as storage space

If you have a spare room but don’t like the idea of having a stranger live in it, why not see if anyone would like to use it for storage and pay you in return? Have a look at


Short-term guests

Taking in a lodger means giving that lodger fair notice when you’d like them to move out. To see how you feel about having a lodger, without making such a big commitment, you could try Airbnb first. They let you rent a room or two or your whole house and you can make it available for as little as one day


Home office

If you have space that someone could use as a home office during the day, you can list it for free on


Campers and growers

You can rent space in your garden for campers, through or allow green fingered types to dig it up through



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First published in Issue 15 Widows and Widowers magazine

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