If we had a tv channel

Three things to watch: speeches to give you a boost; a little dramedy and an interview with a woman who became a technology pioneer when she was a forty-five year old two time widow and mum of four.

Commencement speeches are like a pep talk from your wisest friend, with the added glitter of celebrity thrown in. My favourites are Ellen De Generes, Conan O’ Brien and J K Rowling. The Guardian has rounded up nine more great ones and included transcripts.



The BBC is showing a new sitcom called Mum. Episode one opens with the title character on the day of her husband’s funeral, trying to get her family together and ready to leave for the ceremony. It is achingly real and available on BBC iplayer for the next three weeks.



Red Burns was a mother of four and recently widowed for a second time when she attended a demonstration of a portable video camera in 1970 and saw how it could change society. The New York Times calls her the ‘Godmother of Silicon Alley’ and her first projects, pushing technological boundaries, focused on helping disadvantaged neighbourhoods, connecting the elderly and improving independence for disabled people. Wifey TV have an interview with her.



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