Family strife: A short resource guide

A little understanding and a fresh perspective can go a long way.


The Association of Family Therapy


When Difficult Relatives Happen to Good People by Dr Leonard Felder (also a book but this talk is gently humorous)


Coping with Difficult Families by Dr Jane McGregor and Tim McGregor


Families and how to Survive Them by Robin Skynner and John Cleese


Coping with Your Difficult Older Parent: A Guide for Stressed Out Children by Grace LeBow, Barbara Kane and Irwin LeBow


The Selfish Pig’s Guide to Caring. How to cope with the emotional and practical aspects of caring for someone by Hugh Marriott


What Do You Want From Me? Learning to get along with in-laws by Terri Apter


Toxic In-laws by Susan Forward


First published in Issue 12 Widows and Widowers magazine



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