Issue 16 is now available in our app

Over the summer, as we were putting together our two new special issues, it became clear that we’ve featured far more widows than widowers. Issue 16 makes a start on evening things up by shining its spotlight on men’s experiences of being widowed.   There’s a review of Jeff Brazier’s great new self-help book, an interview with Andrew Marshall on his bereavement memoir and a … Continue reading Issue 16 is now available in our app

New special issues at a special price

To celebrate our third birthday we’ve gathered together our best articles from the last two years into two special issues.   For people in the first year of widowhood we have First Year Essentials.   It is a bumper 324 pages with no adverts. You’ll find practical advice and personal stories, with a special section on getting through the holidays and another on funerals and … Continue reading New special issues at a special price

Politicians talk funeral poverty

Stories of families being unable to afford funerals have hit the headlines. The campaign for Fair Funerals has won awards and the support of a national newspaper. But what are the politicians doing?   The subject has attracted cross-party support and several parliamentarians have been working hard to alleviate the suffering of those most in need but there is still a lot of work to … Continue reading Politicians talk funeral poverty


On Tuesday politicians discussed funeral poverty

In Westminster Hall on Tuesday 13th October 2015, Paul Maynard MP organised a debate on funeral poverty. There was cross-party consensus that the current system must be improved. Many of the MPs who spoke, cited examples of funeral poverty in their constituencies and many also praised the work done by Quaker Social Action in campaigning against funeral poverty. You can read excellent coverage of who … Continue reading On Tuesday politicians discussed funeral poverty