What not to do

We all have financial bad habits. Grief can throw us so far off our game that we don’t even see them. These three ways of thinking are common.

Let’s work together

In tough times our social capital is every bit as important as our financial resources. But it’s a mistake to think of them as separate. There are lots of old and new ways of connecting with others that also boost your bottom line.

How to bankroll your next move

It might be easier than you think to broaden your horizons. Whether you want to gain a specific vocational qualification or try something just to prove you can, there is a world of free and funded opportunities.   For example, did you know that top universities offer courses online for free? Or that there are…

A personal finances First Aid kit

At the worst possible time and incredibly unreasonably, you are forced to become an amateur accountant. This is ridiculous but it is happening. Also, it’s going to last for a while. Let’s use it as an opportunity to sort out the basics and prepare for the future.   In our First Aid kit we’re packing…

How to complain

Done sensibly, complaining helps you tone up your self-esteem while you help companies manage their reputations.   Why you should complain more   Good companies, like good people, welcome the chance to correct mistakes or make amends   You send a powerful message to yourself that says ‘I can do this’. If you are wronged…

Insights from a career coach

Bereavement can make us create dramatic changes in our lives. A drop in household income can make some changes essential. I asked one of the UK’s leading career coaches, Corinne Mills of Personal Career Management, how best to handle big career moves at a time like this.

Cutting car costs

Whether you’re locked into a battle with teens over getting rid of a second car, or just really don’t feel up to taking up cycling right now, read on…

Politicians talk funeral poverty

Stories of families being unable to afford funerals have hit the headlines. The campaign for Fair Funerals has won awards and the support of a national newspaper. But what are the politicians doing?

Templates to help with writing all those official letters

For problems with debt, housing, refunds, insurance companies or pensions, somewhere there is a letter template to help you find the right words.   The website of the Money Advice Service has a series of letter templates that you can download. These include death notification letters to banks, building societies, mortgage providers and pension providers…

Breaking the spending habit

My spending habits were starting to bother me. I wouldn’t say I’m a shopaholic but I’m definitely a comfort shopper. I decided to read up and share.

Financial banana skins part 3 of 3

Giving   I felt so grateful to the people who had helped me through the worst. I wanted all the kids who’d been dragged along on grim hospital visits, to be compensated. In a big way.

Financial banana skins part 2 of 3

Borrowing   The death of a husband or wife can plunge you into financial chaos. Delays in pensions or benefits being paid are common. Discovering a world of hidden debt happens. Living without savings is the modern way.