Best of our Christmas survival guides

Every year we put articles on how to get through the Christmas holidays in our winter issue. We have some more lined up for issue 17, coming out on 12th December. But if you can’t wait or just want to see all the previous articles in one place, here they are.



Getting Through The Holidays

A series of articles from when we asked some hospice support groups what they recommend

Getting through the holidays – part 1 of 6


How Do You Get Through The Holiday?

We asked some grief writers about what they do

How do you get through the holidays?


Trauma and the Holidays

Our interview with trauma specialist Dr Claudia Herbert

Trauma and the holidays


A Solo Parent’s Seasonal Cheat Sheet

A game plan to get the bulk of the work behind you before Halloween

A solo parent’s seasonal cheat sheet


A survival Guide to Christmas in the Workplace

A lighthearted take on avoiding as much of it as possible, if that’s what you want to do

A survival guide to Christmas in the workplace


A Different Tree

One writer finds a new way of doing Christmas after a lifetime of dreading it

A different tree


Open All Hours

The helplines and online forums open over the holidays when everything else is closed

Open all hours


Seasonal Security

We asked a crime prevention officer for some tips on keeping you and your home safe

Seasonal Security


Family Strife Resource Guide

Not written with Christmas in mind but it could have been

Family strife: A short resource guide


You’ll find more on family strife and how to avoid it here…


Three ways to build support and empathy in your family

Part two of our interview with family therapist, Karen Holford

Three ways to build support and empathy in your family


Give and take with the in-laws

If your partner acted as your ambassador to the foreign country of the in-laws then you can re-build diplomatic relations

Give and take with the in-laws


Statement of Intent

An all-rounder on handling your parents, siblings, step-children and sort-of-step-children, in-laws and friends

Statement of intent


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