Helping the school to help your child

Nowadays there are organisations that train teachers and school boards on how they can support bereaved children. However, just in case your child’s teacher missed that in-service training day, here are some good things for you to know.   Your first hurdle might be your child not wanting anyone at school to know that their mum or dad has died. Maybe they saw how another … Continue reading Helping the school to help your child

The messy stuff of being human that most grief books don’t mention

The people that Julia Samuels talks about in her book, Grief Works. Stories of Life, Death and Surviving, are complicated.   The first story tells of a woman living with her dying husband while having an affair. Their marriage had been difficult and after his death she spiraled out of control. We read of her path to finding some stability and calm.   In the … Continue reading The messy stuff of being human that most grief books don’t mention

Make money from your home

In the new sharing economy, if you have something you’re not using, chances are some clever soul has created a business that links you to potential customers. Always read the small print and check what might affect your insurance. But once you look on these sites you’ll be surprised how many of your neighbours are already using them.   Rent your parking space If you … Continue reading Make money from your home

Digital Detox

Somewhere along the way, smartphones and tablets changed from being our favourite new toys to something more like little pocket dictators. Now increasingly health and fitness experts, top business people and even more doctors and psychologists, are urging us to step away from the apps, unplug the email and up our offline time.   While your mind is fogged with grief, scattered by shock or … Continue reading Digital Detox

Issue 16 is now available in our app

Over the summer, as we were putting together our two new special issues, it became clear that we’ve featured far more widows than widowers. Issue 16 makes a start on evening things up by shining its spotlight on men’s experiences of being widowed.   There’s a review of Jeff Brazier’s great new self-help book, an interview with Andrew Marshall on his bereavement memoir and a … Continue reading Issue 16 is now available in our app

Know your rights to sick pay

Citizen’s Advice issued a statement in February, saying that some employers are tricking their employees out of sick pay.   The most common tactics they see are: The cancelling of shifts after an employee has called in sick, so that it looks as if they weren’t meant to be working and therefore no wages appear to have been lost Reducing hours or wages so that … Continue reading Know your rights to sick pay

Book review: Hood by Emma Donoghue

Pen O’Grady makes her way through the first week after her girlfriend, Cara Wall, dies in a traffic accident. She confides in the reader her thoughts and reminiscences on her life with Cara, as well as on the mundane matters of taking phone messages and arranging for time off work.   The humour and irreverence of Pen’s voice is charming in itself but there are … Continue reading Book review: Hood by Emma Donoghue

Book review: Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto

The English translation is available as two novellas in one book: Kitchen and then the shorter, Moonlight Shadow. In both stories young women are finding their way through the aftermath of the death of a loved one.   In Kitchen, Mikage, who has already lost both parents and a grandfather, is now reeling from the death of her grandmother. Finding herself alone in the world, … Continue reading Book review: Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto

What ecotherapy can do for you

How did we survive life’s ups and downs for all those millennia before therapists came along? Ecotherapy suggests that our everyday connection to the natural world played a large part.   By going for a stroll in a park, spending time in our garden or even bringing plants into our homes, we can tap into a bit of nature’s calming, head-clearing powers without disrupting our … Continue reading What ecotherapy can do for you