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Over the summer, as we were putting together our two new special issues, it became clear that we’ve featured far more widows than widowers. Issue 16 makes a start on evening things up by shining its spotlight on men’s experiences of being widowed.


There’s a review of Jeff Brazier’s great new self-help book, an interview with Andrew Marshall on his bereavement memoir and a long look at the new hard science of self-compassion, centred around the work of Professor Paul Gilbert.


We’ve spoken to a psychologist on what to do if your child is suffering from traumatic grief; said a grateful farewell to blogger, Life As A Widower, who has ended his blog and is looking to the future, and we’ve investigated the many modern ways to do a bit of moonlighting for cash or soul.


As always, we try to tempt you off the sofa, this time with inspirational tales of taking grief into the great outdoors, and the best exercises for the over-50s (which are equally appealing to under-50s who want to ease their way into fitness).


If that’s not enough, we’ve uncovered some seriously practical help for dealing with that passive-aggressive pain in your workplace, we’ve brought together some comedy writers and comedians who are also widowers, and we’ve compiled a simple plan of action to keep you ahead of the game for winter.


Alongside all our regulars you’ll also find a round up of our favourite films, fiction, memoirs and box sets featuring real and fictional widowers. James Bond was a widower you know, and Braveheart, and Gladiator and there are lots in The Archers.


I hope you’ll find something you like. Now we’re busy seeing what goodies we can pack into Issue 17, which will be out in December 2017.


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