10 things you can let go of today

Some people quickly clear all their loved one’s belongings from their house. Others take a little longer. Go at your own pace. If you need a bit of a nudge, here are ten things you can throw away today, one a day, or whenever the mood takes you.


Unused medicine

Take these to the pharmacy they came from, so that they can be disposed of safely


Old newspapers, magazine and leaflets

Take away menus might be useful; guides to hospital or hospice services might not


Holey things

Socks with holes, jumpers with holes, shoes with holes, frayed t-shirts, torn jackets and ripped jeans


Foods you’re never going to eat

Especially the stuff at the back of the cupboard, three years past its use by date


Their underwear

Some people might lovingly preserve dad or mum’s old jumper or suit but socks and underpants don’t get passed down the generations



Like old pants, future generations are unlikely to be interested in a half-squeezed tube of toothpaste or old plastic comb


Broken and obsolete tech

Convert old home movies to digital. Oust the old broken printer. Chuck the manuals to things you no longer own


Projects in progress

If your loved one was more fond of starting than finishing DIY or craft jobs, and none are significant enough for you to either complete or get someone else to complete them… out they go


Catalogues, brochures and junk mail

If your partner’s name is on a mailing list, you can politely write to the sender asking to be removed or you can write ‘No longer at this address’ on the envelope and put it back in the post


The gifts you weren’t keen on from people who’ve disappeared out of your life

The things in your house shouldn’t be painful to look at so if an ex-friend’s photo frame was never to your taste anyway… charity shop it


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First published in Issue 12 Widows and Widowers magazine

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